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Become a Watch Group Leader

It’s kinda like being a book club leader - but with a film instead. You’ll participate in 3 trainings with expert facilitators who will prepare you before you start your watch groups, and one session to support you along the way.  This is an ideal experience for those interested in learning a little more about race and doing/leading a little self-discovery.

You choose the people you invite to your group, set your meeting dates (at least 3 in-person meetings over the 2-month period), and document the group’s learning to share at the closing event.  Watch groups do not begin viewing the films until April 1st, after the Watch Group Leaders have been trained.

Co-leaders are encouraged!

Dates and Times for Watch Group Leader Trainings:

March 17th, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Wally Choice Center, 49 Maple Avenue

March 24th, 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Location: Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center, Montclair State University

March 31st, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

May 5th, 6:30 - 9:30 pm



How do the Watch Groups work?

You and your group can determine how to watch and discuss the films. You can watch together or independently.  All we ask is that the Watch Groups meet a minimum of 3 times during the 2-month community watch period (from April 1st - May 30th) to discuss the films. Groups do not start watching films until April 1st.

How many people are in a Watch Group? 

We ask that Watch Groups have a minimum of 4 people and no more than 10. 

How are Watch Groups formed?

Watch Group leaders choose the people that they’d like to have in their group.  Honest discussions are more likely to happen in a self-selected group. We’re recruiting diverse Watch Group Leaders, and we have scheduled cross-group facilitated conversations at the launch, in the middle of the process, and at the closing. For those who are not signing up with a particular Watch Group, we will match you to an existing group.

How are Watch Group Leaders trained?

We’ll provide four facilitated trainings led by Montclair State Professors and anti-racism teaching experts, Bree Picower and Tanya Maloney.  The first two sessions will provide racial literacy teachings using the films and other resources. The third session will provide facilitation tools to help Watch Group leaders learn to navigate challenging conversations. The fourth will provide support to Watch Group Leaders once the viewings have started after April 1st.

We encourage co-leaders so that you can cover each other in case you have to miss a training session!

When do I start watching the films with my group?

Watch Group viewings begin after April 1st to give time to the Watch Group Leaders to complete their training.

Where do the viewings take place?

Participants will watch the films on their own and meet in person at least three times to discuss them. For example, a participant would watch Episodes 1 - 3 on their own and then debrief those episodes with their group, before moving on to the next three episodes.  Watch Group meetings can take place in homes or in local community spaces.  MFEE has a list of spaces that will be made available to Watch Groups.

How do I access the documentary series? 

America to Me is currently on Starz and Amazon Prime.  We will provide you with access to the films if you do not have a Starz membership and cannot subscribe during the three-month process.

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