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Become a Watch Group Leader

I am grateful to have had this experience of learning, talking, and reflecting about race and equity .. It has been very timely preparation to be in this very moment...Had it not been for this watch group, I probably would never have read [certain books and articles], or watched the documentary, or if I had watched, I would not have viewed it through the frameworks and considered the broader issues...I knew the facts before. I heard the statistics. I saw the egregious acts of violence against black people in America. I could state how terrible it all was. I could, I thought, empathize. But today, I feel very differently. I feel embarrassed. I feel angry. And I feel like I have to work toward change. It's hard to explain, but I know that the work I've done with you all and my working group and the materials you've shared have made a difference.” - Spring 2020 Watch Group Leader

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The Watch Group Leader program jump starts with a Launch event, includes four evening trainings led by Montclair State Professors and anti-racism teaching experts, Bree Picower and Tanya Maloney, and concludes with a community-wide closing event. Here is the schedule for the fall 2020 Watch Group Leader program:

All trainings take place 6:30 - 9:00 PM via Zoom:

  • Wednesday, September 30th: Launch event: we set the stage with guest speakers, introduce our talented facilitators, view select clips from the films, and start the training together
  • Monday, October 5th: Training #1
  • Monday, October 12th: Training #2
  • Monday October 19th: Training #3
  • Monday, November 16th: Training #4
  • Monday, December 14th: Closing event

Through the trainings, you will 

  • Develop a shared vocabulary of racial literacy
  • Engage in the inner work of racial reflection
  • Learn strategies for facilitating others in this work

You’ll learn about key frameworks for talking about race, explore using the film series as conversation prompts for group discussion, and how to lead a Watch Group.  Just as important, you will build a connection with other Watch Group Leaders, and turn to each other for ideas and support throughout the program. 

Forming a Watch Group:

Watch Groups will run from October 20th through December 13th, meeting 3-5 times.  You get to set your group’s schedule so that it works for you and your members. During the trainings, you will get ideas and support for forming your Watch Group. You can choose who to invite to join your Watch Group, or you can lead a group of people from the community, and you set the schedule for your Watch Group.  You choose the people you invite to your group, set your meeting dates and document the group’s learning to share at the closing event.

Where do the viewings take place?

Participants watch the films on their own. MFEE will provide access to view the documentary through a web browser.

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