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Ready to Compete?

Why TikTok?

1.  Because you either have an older kid who lives on TikTok, a younger kid who is begging to be on TikTok, or you yourself are secretly zoning out on TikTok. It was the most downloaded app of 2019.

2. TikTok makes it super easy to record your video, share it, and send to us to create your fundraising pages.



I'm in! But, I need help with TikTok. How do I get started? (If you don't need help, scroll down.)

Note: Directions may vary for you, depending on the type of Iphone you have or if you are using an Android device.  If in doubt, ask someone between the ages of 8 and 25 to help you or email us at

1. Go to the App store, and download the TikTok App.

2. Create an account.  Name your account.

3. Watch the sample video from @I_am_a_Pizza on TikTok or here on YouTube.  Check out some competitors' videos.

4. Learn and practice your dance.  Click here to watch a great video with tips for learning a TikTok Dance. 

5. It’s time to record your dance!  Hit the plus sign. If the app asks you to "Allow access to camera and Allow access to microphone," click YES for both.

6. Click on the top music note “Sounds.” Search the song “Sunday Best.” Choose the LONGER version - (29 seconds) by clicking on the checkmark.

7. Press the record button, make sure your volume is up, and dance! (Depending on your app, you might also need to select 60s for the longer video.  The default is 15s; it will stop filming when the song ends.)

8. Click the check mark or Next button. Describe your video however you choose, but include the hashtags  #mfee #montclairnj #montclairstrong #montclairtiktoktogether #familybonding #quarantinefun

9. There will be more options here- you choose YOUR preferences:  Who can view this video (Public, Friends, or Private), Allow Comments (on or off), Allow Duet (on or off), Save to Device (on).  The only setting that matters is that you should SAVE TO DEVICE.

10.  Then post it. And most importantly, send it to or text it to 973-800-8655 before May 20th!  We will follow up with the details to fill in your fundraising page. 


I know how to use TikTok.  What do I do for the challenge?

1. Watch the sample video from @I_am_a_Pizza on TikTok or here on YouTube

2. The song is Sunday Best, the 29 second version.

3. Use the hashtags #mfee #montclairnj #montclairstrong #montclairtiktoktogether #familybonding #quarantinefun

4. Send a link to your video or download it, and send it to

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Check out our FAQ page.

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Learn more about the MFEE TikTok Together Challenge.