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Help the Beltis Family Win the TikTok Together Competition!

The Beltis dinosaur clan (species: Beltisaurus) came out of extinction-quarantini to shake it on TikTok to bring old-school flavor to make it rain down the dough for the MFEE. Those sick moves evolved for hundreds of millions of years to dominate and disinfect with its strong rhythm and serious faces. It takes a lot of concentration to kick covid19 from our thoughts but the groove lives on. When the dinosaurs aren’t throwing down, Walter-saurus goes to Hillside where he is a science king. And Milly-raptor is a Nishuane drama queen. These reptiles are happy to do whatever it takes to make our schools great. And we can’t wait to send these two dinosaurs back to school!

We have raised $950.00 of our $850.00  goal.



Shout Outs to the Beltises!

$50: The sac that social distances together, dances together!  You killed it Beltis clan!  

$50: The coolest cats (dragons) in town! Thank you guys for being so awesome and doing this!! -- Bridget and Dave Placek

$25: You guys are Rocking it! --- Varsha Hathiramani

$50: XO --- The Ro Fam

$50: Love the Beltisaurus dance! ---Diane Tehranian

$50: Love the silliness! --- Susan Eckert

$25: Go Hillside/Nishuane!! SO fun! ---Eileen Birmingham

$50: Thank you Walter, the Science King!! ---Susan Bartol

$50: Love the moves & the outfits. We miss you Beltis family!! - Lynn, Matt, Noah & Bridgette

$50: Great job!!! --- Zeida Camacho (MATCHED)

$50: Well done! -- The Russmans (MATCHED)

$40: I’m a sucker for a costume! Great job! --- Theresa Giarrusso (MATCHED)

$110: Dinosaurs rock! --- Mary Beth Rosenthal (MATCHED)

$100: Love these dinosaurs!!! --- Nicole Chalfoun

Donate to help the Beltis Family win! Show them you love their performance. All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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