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Help the Daddabbos Win the TikTok Together Competition!

Fun Facts about the Daddabbos,

MFEE’s First Family of TikTok Together.

This is the dance to copy -- and of course, the dance to vote for!

Claire Daddabbo is a senior at Montclair High School and a TikTok sensation (@I_am_a_pizza) with over 800,000 followers!  Her TikTok fame garnered an invitation to the well-known BAD Dancers Only group, which includes 100 of the biggest TikTok creators who have pledged to combat depression. The organizers of the group approached her to join in recognition of her positive approach to social media. Claire has been on mission trips to the Dominican Republic to volunteer at an orphanage for children with disabilities. 

Mom, Erika Insana, is no stranger to the performing arts, and her enjoyment of dancing with the whole family is on full display!

Little sister, Eloise Daddabbo, 6th grader at Glenfield, has the voice of an angel, but as you can see, her dancing is pretty impressive, too.  This rising star found herself on the Kelly and Michael show when she was only 6 years old.

Dad, Peter Daddabbo, is probably most well-known for his love (and die-hard dedication) to Montclair youth soccer.  But, it's clear that he's contributing his fair share of performing arts genes to this family.  Those stellar moves from the back line were shaped by years of musical theater work. Peter played Bernardo in the European tour of West Side Story!

And don't count out scene stealer, MHS sophomore Ethan Daddabbo, the quiet force in the back corner.  He may display more exuberance in football and baseball fields than on the dance floor, but his moves are spot on!  We are honored that Ethan - who typically avoids the Daddabbo TikTok fun - joined the family to help raise funds for our schools.   This is their FIRST family video!  Thanks to the Daddabbos for setting the bar high.  Donate today to help this family earn the title of MFEE TikTok Titans!

We have raised $1,070.00 of our $1,000.00  goal.



Shout Outs to the Daddabbos!

$50: Impressive dance skills Daddabbo family (especially Peter!)! -- Luis Carrillo

$25: I love that you guys started this whole thing :) xxoo --- Debbi Bernstein

$25: Love you guys!!!! --- Dianne Havens

$50: Love, love love it. --- Geraldine Insana

$50: Love me some Daddabbos family --- Jen Halchak

$10: I would usually only donate to my local schools but you guys are awesome and I've loved all your talented performances and the proud stories about you from my friend and BSP sister, Jeri , over the years! Dance on Dadabbos!! --- Cynthia Warner

$50: Fabuloso!! --- Chris MacEwan

$50: The dance genes run strong in this family! And I love that you started this whole thing, too! --- Susan Eckert

$10: This is phenomenal. I would expect (and accept) nothing less from you guys! Bravo! --- Theresa Bruno

$50: You guys are awesome! Love this! --- Jennifer Friedberg

$25: -- Michelle Rotella (MATCHED)

$25: You guys rock!! ---Leslie Williams (MATCHED)

$50: Amazing! -- The Russmans (MATCHED)

$25: Love you guys!- The Flanagans (MATCHED)

$175: Impressive skills! --- Mary Beth Rosenthal (MATCHED)

$25: You guys are awesome! ---Heidi Reifenberg

Donate to help the Daddabbos win! Show them you love their performance. All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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