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Help the Eckerts Win the TikTok Together Competition!

Three-quarters of the Eckert family are Mounties through and through. David is a rising freshman, Julianne is a rising junior, and Susan is an MHS biology teacher.  So, they are happy to TikTok together to help out Montclair Public Schools! The non-Mountie of the family, John,  is a huge MPS advocate—so much so that he overcame his strong desire NOT to ever learn a TikTok dance to showcase his killer dance moves. The family dog, Dobbie, even got in on the act by standing in the background and yawning (the family cat watched with mild curiosity). Please consider supporting our silly family and Montclair schools by donating!


We have raised $1,875.00 of our $1,750.00  goal.



Shout Outs to the Eckerts!

$25: Love this Eckert Family!!! --- Courtney Nemet

$150: Your impressive dancing opened our wallet!! --- Phil Larusse

$50: Go, Team Eckert! --- Laura Heyman

$25: Shout! Out! --- Mark LaRusse

$50: That’s some good Eckert dancin and prancin right there!! --- Dave LaRusse

$25: Shake it Eckert’s! and Thanks! --- Ray Hoffman

$50: Way to go Eckerts! I always knew you were a groovy fam. --- Stacie Molnar- Main

$50: Nice work, Eckerts! -- Debbi Bernstein

$25: Just like Mick Jagger, John!! --- Karen rEYES Benzi

$50: You guys are awesome!!! --- Ximena Bravo

$100: Go Eckerts! -- Budetti Family

$25: The BEST!! -- Bryn Heathman

$25: Awesome dance moves Eckert’s!!!  ---Sharon Hacker

$10: Go Eckerts !!!!! Do your thannng!! ---Anita Trajkovska

$40: Awesome performance Eckerts️! ---Art Smith

$50: You guys look GREAT!- the Crawford Family

$25: Awesome job Eckerts! ---Melissa Polaner

$150: Way to Tic Tok, Eckert fam! We are happy for a reason to support the MFEE. --The McDonalds

$100: Well done, Eckerts! From the Russmans (MATCHED)

$25: Go Team Eckert! ---Georgette Gilmore (MATCHED)

$200: Who know the neighbors were so talented? --- Mary Beth Rosenthal (MATCHED)

$50: Go Eckerts! --- Nina Cooke John

$25: The music teacher is now the student. This is fabulous! --- Jeri Leer

Donate to help the Eckerts win! Show them you love their performance. All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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