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Help the Foster's Win the TikTok Together Competition!

The Fosters are bringing the heat!  It’s no wonder that this suave squad is raising the family TikTok bar given mom (LaTascha) and dad (Greg)’s illustrious moment in the spotlight as backup dancers for Kriss Kross.  Okay, it was only one MTV performance of Jump, but they can clearly hang in the TikTok dance world.  

They’ve passed on their legacy to daughter, MHS senior Sydney, and son, MHS sophomore, Cole.  

We’re thinking the Fosters have this contest in the bag, given their stellar moves - and Dad’s incredibly fashionable outfit!  Help the Fosters win the title of TikTok Titans today by donating to their team.  

As an MFEE Board member, Greg has seen first-hand the impact of MFEE’s work in our public schools, and he’s especially passionate about supporting our schools during distance learning. Thank you for helping him help our schools.


We have raised $1,220.00 of our $1,250.00  goal.



Shout Outs to the Fosters!

$25: Looking good Foster’s! -- Sara Friend

$25: Fosters Rock!!! Congrats to Sydney! Love the hat, Greg! -- Paulette Craddock

$25: You’ve got moves, Fosters! -- Annie Gibson

$50: Go Fosters!! -- Karen Gulliver

$25: MTV to TikTok always a fan.---Catherine Collins

$25: Looking good xo --- Korian family

$25: Love the dancing. I can see that you all practiced! Good luck in your fundraising effort! --- Gladys Bond

$40: Shout out to Southern Drawl! -- The Steeles

$50: Get it! Get it! Love you guys! -- Kimberly Ridley

$25: Go Fosters! --- Debbi Bernstein

$50: Bravo Fosters! Latascha, love that great smile! --- Kate Kim

$20: Let's go Fosters! I knew Dad was a special person. He stood out in the crowd! Lots of luck! --- Kim and Stasia Mitchell

$100: Go Fosters go! We are N Mountain neighbors! --- Julie Harris

$25: Very impressive Fosters!  ---Thomas Johnson

$50: Making the neighborhood proud with those smooth moves! ---Lisanne Renner

$50: Let's Go Fosters --- Alex Ames

$100: Looking good, Fosters! (As always). — The Russmans (MATCHED)

$10: you had me at MTV... --- Debbie Villarreal-Hadley (MATCHED)

$20: Great moves LaTascha & Greg but I think the kids have you beat!!! ---Jane Wallace (MATCHED)

$50: Julie Skibniewski (MATCHED)

$50: Looking good Fosters! --- Yana Gutierrez (MATCHED)

$25: Good moves! --- Mary Beth Rosenthal (MATCHED)

$25: Nice Groove Fosters! --- Amy Pretto

$25: Go Fosters - lookin' good! --- Mimi Wrede

Donate to help the Fosters win! Show them you love their performance. All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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