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Help The Maloys Win the TikTok Together Competition!

Meet The Maloys


“Those Maloys can really dance,” said no one ever.  But, cheers of celebration were heard from the Maloy kids when they were allowed to download and post on TikTok (finally!).  These are the sacrifices Sean and Kathy had to make for MFEE. Luckily, “Sunday Best” is tied on the top of their Quarantine Dance party list (with “Intentions” and “Death Bed”), so convincing Declan, 4th grader at Watchung, and Colin, 3rd grader at CHB, to learn the dance wasn’t too difficult.  Griffin, 3 years old, refuses to do anything that’s not his idea, no matter how nicely he is asked.

We have raised $1,135.00 of our $1,000.00  goal.



Shout Outs to the Maloys!

$25: Go Maloys! -- Chrissy Connolly

$100: Go Maloys! Love that you got the whole gang and you look good doing it! --- Kai, Kenzo and Mika

$50: Winnie has agreed to match this donation if there is a Griff cameo ;) Dance on, Maloys! -- The Whites

$50: Love love love this! Go Maloys! Proud of you all! -- Katie Piller

$25: Love your video!! - - Benjamin Vagueiro

$50: Love the moves! Love Anjeli, Shawn, Oliver and Meera

$50: Moves like Jagger -- The Lofgrens

$50: Maloy’s have the moves! Super impressed ️--- Chloe and Grace

$50: Absolutely best neighbors around. Tiktok’n into our hearts. We will be here social distancing from across the sac #dinosaurs

$25: Sweet moves Maloy’s!! - Allison Silverstein and family :-) (MATCHED)

$100: absolutely killed it. you're awesome! ---Kendra and the Burke boys (MATCHED)

$165: Impressive! --- Mary Beth Rosenthal (MATCHED)

$200: Oh yeah, Ticktok'n & Rock'n ....go Maloys! --- Deon, Karen, Cole & Lulu Carter

Donate to help the Maloys win! Show them you love their performance. All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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