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Help the Mixers Win the TikTok Together Competition!

Some families practiced for days.  Some families gave up on bribing the guys in the house to practice and left them out.  Some families ditched their kids.  But, we can say with certainty...all the families who are competing took multiple video takes.  


And then enter the Mixers.  This is Take One.  And it feels safe to say these kids basically nailed it in their pjs on their first try, proving why most TikTok dancers are not over 40 years old. (It is also further proof that the best time to get your kids to do ANYTHING is right before they should actually be in bed.) 


The Mixer kids rule CHB: kindergarten, first grade, and fourth grade. As our first kid-only competitors, they deserve your love!    

We have raised $530.00 of our $350.00  goal.



Shout Outs to the Mixers!

$100: G-Ma loves her grand’s - go Mixers!!!!! -- Louise Rogers

$50: Colter’s entrance steals the show. -- The Whites

$50: HEROES! Way to go, Mixers! -- Kai, Kenzo and Mika Placek

$50: Way to go Mixers! ️-- Chloe and Grace

$25: Way to go! They’re the “Not ready for bedtime players”! --- Melissa Polaner

$150: I LOVE dancers in their pajamas! --- Mary Beth Rosenthal (MATCHED)

Donate to help the Mixers win! Show them you love their performance. All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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