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Help the Rodriquez-Vars Family Win the TikTok Together Competition!

Finally!  An MFEE competition that Masiel can enter.  While Masiel would much rather be FundRACING (yes, she'd rather eat a balut egg than show off her less-than-enviable dance skills), she's thrilled to be throwing her hat in the ring alongside her trusty crew.  Clearly, only daughter, Mia (MHS class of 2020) inherited her stellar moves from dad, Ray.  Since COVID-19 quashed Mia's senior-year dance company performance, we're thrilled that she got a tiny opportunity to strut her stuff.  Luckily, we had a house-full of brothers to round out the dance team with Ben (MHS class of 2014), Sebi (MHS class of 2016), and Jack (MHS class of 2022) showing a little TikTok finesse of their own.  Show us a little love with any donation that you can throw our way!  We need all the support that we can get!

We have raised $1,925.00 of our $2,000.00  goal.



Shout Outs to the Rodriquez-Vars family!

$200:  NO FAIR having Mia front and center! but i love this too much. thanks for the smile! --- Jennifer Caldarella

$50: Good luck! --- Richard Rodriquez

$100: Jack won me over! -- Michael Seeve

$200: Great family teamwork. True dedication worthwhile cause. -- Charles Vars

$50: From the outfits to the dance moves, you are one coordinated family--impressive! --- Susan Eckert

$25: Wow! How can every member of the family be so talented?! Awesome job! --- Melissa Polander

$100: Skill, talent, dedication, Mia, Jack. What else does a team need? -- The Russmans (MATCHED)

$150: You guys rock!! -- Elena Munoz (MATCHED)

$400: Kelley Reynolds (MATCHED)

$100: super strong! you all killed it. --- Kendra and the Burke Boys (MATCHED)

$100: Love it!! ---Teresa Burton

$25: Most awesome! --- Sara Ann Erichson


Donate to help the Rodriquez-Vars family win! Show them you love their performance. All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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