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TikTok Together FAQs

1.  I have never used TikTok.  Can I participate?                                            

Yes! Like any new app, it takes some playing around to get comfortable, but consider this an important mission.  TikTok was the most downloaded app last year, so maybe it’s time.


2. By when do I need to submit my video?

The challenge ends on May 29th (DEADLINE EXTENDED!), so get your video to us anytime before then!


3.  How is this a fundraiser?                                                            

After you send your TikTok video to MFEE, we will create your personal fundraising page on Family and friends can then donate and “vote” for you. We will celebrate two winners:  MFEE TikTok Crowd Favorite (most NUMBER of donations and shoutouts) and MFEE TikTok Titan (team who raises the most money.)

4.  How can I find the video I need to watch on TikTok?

Search for @I_am_a_pizza to find Claire’s account or click this link.


5. What if no one in my family wants to do it with me?                                          

Remind them that it is for charity. And if they still won’t get off the couch, do it alone!  


6.  I don’t want my name or my children’s names included.  Can I still participate?

Yes! You can include as much or as little as you would like on your fundraising page.  You could even do your video in disguise with a secret name! Let us know the names that you want included on your fundraising page when you send your video to


7. What if I want my TikTok account to be private?                                               

You can still keep your account private. Record the video, e-mail it to us, and that is enough to be entered into the fundraising contest. 


8. This dance seems too challenging.  I can’t do it. Why should I try?

It is a TikTok CHALLENGE!  There is no right or wrong way.  Make it your own. It’s okay to look silly. Get your family off the couch, and take some time to help MFEE raise funds to support the new and emerging challenges our schools are facing.  


9.  I can’t do it!  Help?

You made it to the last FAQ.  You are the person who reads ALL the instructions. (You must be good at assembling IKEA furniture.)  You now have the secret answer. Watch this video to understand how the Duet feature on TikTok can help you learn the dance faster.



Ready to compete in the MFEE TikTok Together challenge?

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