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This feature on MFEE's Peer-led Educational Engagement Program (PEEPs) highlights the experiences of English Language Learners in Montclair, pointing to the very roots of MFEE's newest program in development, Navegadores Escolares. By continually listening to our families and students, MFEE is able to develop new initiatives to support all students in our district.

MFEE is proud to fund the innovation of the students in Montclair Robotics through its Educational Excellence grants.

Without our amazing PEEP leaders, PEEPS would not be the successful program it is. Congratulations to all our Senior PEEP leaders – you will be missed!

"Kids will listen to other teens in a way they won’t listen to adults. It’s incredible to see. These relationships really do have an impact on kids' lives.” – MFEE Executive Director Masiel Rodriquez-Vars
Thank you Julia Martin with for taking the time to beautifully capture MFEE's PEEPs initiative. We couldn’t be more proud or inspired by these students' willingness to support each other through these rocky times.

The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence has hired three community health care workers for its ongoing effort to encourage coronavirus vaccinations.

MFEE and Jared's Fund have partnered together to bring the Jed Foundation High School Program to Montclair. "Jed works with high schools to evaluate and strengthen their mental health resources, giving students more avenues for help and educators more training to recognize the need for it."

Executive Director Masiel Rodriquez-Vars had a great in-depth conversation with Chris Bowe about MFEE's Covid Vaccine Awareness Project in this new episode of Montclair Talk. Click here to listen!

"Fragile Freedoms Town Hall" to feature MFEE Executive Director Masiel Rodriquez-Vars as panelist.

Moylagh was one of our inaugural MFEE Junior Board members! And her story epitomizes what many of our Life After High School workshop leaders share with teens: be open to new career paths, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and connect with as many people as possible. So proud of you, Moylagh!

MFEE was proud to be a part of this true community effort to establish a remote learning facility at the Wally Choice Center!

MFEE is proud to support this event hosted by the School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA) at Montclair High School. Cameron Silliman and Matt Carino, two SVPA alums from stage and tech, discuss their paths to college and career and answer questions, with SVPA President Sophia Antoine and SVPA Stage Manager Gabi Ribeiro moderating.

MFEE is grateful to Baristanet for being the media sponsor of ShowUP Montclair. Thank you Baristanet for always showingUP for our community and the students of Montclair.

The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE) has announced a one-time grant application process for each of the 11 Montclair Public Schools which will provide significant funding to promote racial and socio-economic equity within each school.

Thank you to Baristanet for capturing the spirit of the event with such perfect quotes!

“This is exactly what MFEE was created to do,” says MFEE founder Joyce Michaelson. “Educational Excellence grants nurture our teachers’ innovative ideas, which in turn unleash the innovation and creativity of our next generation of leaders. We are so thankful to our donors for making exciting work like this possible.”

"With the shape of education in the fall in question, Montclair’s teachers have come up with innovative ways to teach students.

The three projects had the backing of the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence. The MFEE provided funding for materials for the media literacy courses and a 360-degree camera to use as part of the Global Citizen Project, as well as for curriculum materials for the teletherapy sessions."

"In the wake of ongoing protests around the world sparked by the death of George Floyd, the “America to Me: Real Talk Montclair” initiative that was launched March 1 in Montclair has taken on a broader scope, with a more urgent sense of purpose.

What began as “watch groups,” in which community members gathered virtually in small groups to discuss the TV docuseries “America to Me,” are now becoming “action groups,” with participants looking for ways to take part in a social justice moment and make anti-racist changes now."

"Through the “America to Me: Real Talk” Montclair initiative, MFEE has provided training on key frameworks and language for understanding issues of race and equity. Participants use these frameworks to debrief the documentaries in watch groups and to guide self-reflection on their own racial literacy and personal accountability. They end the experience by identifying individual and/or collective action items to tackle."

Ultimately, Rodriquez-Vars said, it’s not just about getting the school community through the next few months, but preparing for what may be permanent changes in the schools due to the outbreak.

“We don’t know what the fall is going to bring,” Rodriquez-Vars said. “This is about making investments in structures that we can call up when we need them.”

Families join MFEE's TikTok Together Challenge to raise money for new programs to support students and teachers during school closures.

"The current three ongoing projects associated with Arts Open Hearts are the ballroom dancing at Renaissance Middle School, the intergenerational story slam at Montclair High School, and the poetry slam at Buzz Aldrin Middle School."

Although Covid-19 cancelled the larger performance that was scheduled, students were able to perform in school the day before our schools closed.

"It was standing room only at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Sunday afternoon for the launch of the community-wide phase of “The America to Me Real Talk Montclair” Initiative organized by the Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE)."

MFEE's America to Me: Real Talk Montclair launches!

"For this pilot program in Buzz Aldrin, there were four 80-minute lessons. The first lesson offered a news vocabulary lesson, including bylines and headlines. Subsequent lessons quizzed students on what was fact and what was opinion, comparing news articles from different sources, and learning about fact-checking. A “scavenger hunt” of sorts had students searching newspapers to find items such as ads, opinions and other features."