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2020 Year In Review


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Life After High School: This award-winning full-day mini-conference inspired teens and their caregivers to think about post high-school life broadly and to equip them with wisdom nuggets to guide them through these turbulent times.



Arts Open Hearts: This dedicated fund fosters innovative arts programs in our schools to nurture students' social and emotional needs.  Examples include poetry slams, an intergenerational story slam, ballroom dancing, and coming soon to Glenfield - music therapy through songwriting.


News and Social Media Literacy Program: Piloting in the middle and high schools, this new program educates students on the concepts of misinformation and disinformation.  They learn how to identify reliable sources and how to spot the hallmarks of quality journalism.


PEEPs: Peer-led Educational Engagement Program was launched in response to COVID this spring.  Every middle school student in PEEPs is paired with a Montclair High School PEEP Leader, and together they focus on things like academic support, time management, figuring out how to overcome obstacles - and just dealing with the ups and downs of school in general. PEEP Leaders are supported and advised by adult coordinators.


Grants to Boost Remote Learning: MFEE has allocated $50,000 to fund staff-initiated ideas to boost remote learning. Additionally, MFEE granted $20,000 to the district to fund technology needs such as laptops, software, internet essentials for families in need and more.


Excellence in Equity Grants: MFEE has allocated $150,000 to fund grants that address racial and socio-economic inequity in our schools. 


America to Me: Real Talk Montclair:  This community-wide process to deepen racial literacy has engaged over 900 Montclairians.  Through months-long engagement Watch Group participants work with trained leaders to understand systemic racism, to unpack their own bias, and to identify individual and collective action to disrupt racism in our schools and in our town.  


Healing Huddles: Beginning in January 2021, these small-group parent support circles will provide urgent care for the soul.  Through weekly conversations, lightly guided by parents and caregivers who have been trained by local therapists/parent coaches to provide just-enough structure and support, caregivers will have a space to be heard, understood, and take away something that may help. Register here.


Montclair Community Enrichment Centers: MFEE is excited to share that the Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation opened the first Montclair Community Enrichment Center at the Wally Choice Community Center. We are proud to provide planning, programmatic and technical support.The MCEC provides full-day remote learning supervision and support to students whose families cannot afford these services.  Students are supervised by staff who have experience working with children and have been trained in the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines. We have been honored to work with MNDC Executive Director Albert Pelham and Councilman David Cummings to support families with this unique program. 


TikTok Together: Families became dance stars as they took the TikTok challenge to raise funds to support emerging needs in our schools due to coronavirus. 


ShowUP Montclair: Our virtual fundraiser ShowUp Montclair on Nov 7 - which engaged over 600 hundred Montclairians - raised funds to support MFEE’s work with a special emphasis on our Arts Open Hearts programs. While the show centered on some amazing talented performers, there is no doubt that the real stars of the night were the many members of our school community -- principals, teachers, custodians, and our very own superintendent --  who lip-synced, sang, and danced to the finale song. 

Remote Learning Community Think: In August, MFEE hosted two Remote Learning Community Thinks where over 200 people gave invaluable input regarding their concerns and helped shape MFEE's fall programming.

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