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Help CMC Music Factory Compete in Showdown Montclair!

CMC Music Factory
CMC Music Factory

CMC Music Factory is made up of three incredibly talented unicorns who proudly teach at Buzz Aldrin Middle School. With Ms. Cool’s moves, Mr. Mandel’s tunes and Mr. Cunado as our secret weapon, we are confident that our performance will be magical!  Don’t believe us? JUST WATCH!

We are calling on our Buzz Aldrin Middle School family and friends to help us knock our $750 goal out of the park!

Come see us rock the stage and win the big chip on April 21st!

CMC Music Factory cannot thank MFEE enough for supporting the Montclair Public school teachers and students!




We have raised $2,395.00 of our goal.



Shout Outs to CMC Music Factory!


$25: Carolyn LaRocca

$50: We believe CMC Music Factory will show Montclair that Buzz Aldrin has all the talent! Can’t wait to see you rock the stage! --Best of luck, The Gillott Family

$300: Break legs! -- Dagmara & Patrick Wilson

$50: BAMS got talent! -- Algar family

$50: We are big fans of CMC in the classroom and on stage!! - The Kasegrande Family

$25: Go BAMS team! -- Heidi Reifenberg

$100: -- We appreciate your efforts --- The Oscar Family

$25: Good luck! -- Keenan Family

$50: Best of Luck! -- Foley family

$50: Moves, tunes and a secret weapon?!? CMC Music Factory will be unstoppable! -- The Weaver Family

$50: Go CMC! Thank You! -- Melissa Moore

$50: Good luck CMC! Thanks for representing BAMS! -- Debbi Bernstein

$50: Go CMC! Good luck!!! -- Anderson Family

$50: Thank you for your mentorship of our children. Best of luck! -- Cathy Diaz

$100: Fam favs!! Go CMC!! -- Meg Temkin

$50: Good Luck!! -- Sarah and JD Dwyer

$100 (MATCHED): Gonna make ya sweat till ya bleed, is that dope enough indeed... -- Daniel Taylor

$200 (MATCHED): Go, CMC Music Factory! Rock that stage! -- Amy & John Budetti

$20 (MATCHED): Montclair Orthodontics

$50 (MATCHED): Jill Sack and Major Jennings 

$100 (MATCHED): Go CMC! Show everyone how the arts rock at Buzz! -- The Uva Family is rooting for you!

$200 (MATCHED): Good luck! -- Jeni, Brad, Brenden & Kayla Goldman

$100 (MATCHED): Can't wait! --The LaRocca Family

$50 (MATCHED): Can't wait to see this awesome trio! --The House 3 teachers

$200 (MATCHED): Of course we would donate to support one of Asher and Emery's favorite teachers! -- Meredith & Marshall & Asher Bergmann​​​​​​​

$200 (MATCHED): As always you will ALL make the stage sparkle & shine! We love our ROCK STARS -- Karen-Ann Kaelin-Panico

$100 (MATCHED): Can’t wait to watch this trio rock the house! -- Cyndi Owgang​​​​​​​


Donate to help CMC Music Factory compete! All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

Please only use numbers and decimals in donation amount

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