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Help Hello Everybody! Compete in Showdown Montclair!

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Hello Everybody!

Hello Everybody! is thrilled to support MFEE and Montclair's fabulous public schools. We all teach for Music Together of Montclair--family music classes that have been bringing music and families together since 1998.  We're all proud parents of children who have or will attend public school in Montclair.  Between Leslie, Anne, Katie and LeAnne, we've experienced almost all of the schools in Montclair--the exception is Becca who has a toddler and a newborn who will be in MHS class of 2036!!!  

If you're reading this, chances are we had you in class.  We hope our Music Together Families are going to push us WAY over the $750 mark and give us the MOST leg ups in this competition!  You know us as your children's music teachers, but we are in this to win it (raise the most money of all the acts) and YOU can help us do it!!!!  Hello Everybody! needs your help today!

We'll see you soon again, and then we'll make music together again!

We have raised $2,320.00 of our goal.



Shout Outs to Hello Everybody!


$25: Love this! You’re fabulous and will win! -- Jeri Leer

$25: Can't wait to see you perform! -- Masiel

$25: Many years ago Niamh and I danced and sang our little hearts out with LeAnne! Happy to support MFEE and all you fabulous mommas. -- Geraldine Cahill

$10: Some of our favorite MT teachers! -- Jenny Skinner

$25: So proud of you amazing women! Whee! -- Laura Frey

$50: So exciting! Can't wait to cheer you on! -- Mary Beth Weil

$100: LOVE LOVE LOVE -- Supria Sarma

$50: The A Team! Can't wait! - xo Stina and Jim Axelrod

$50: Hello, ladies! -- Christina Kelly

$25: The ones to beat!! Can't wait to see you perform -- Bridget and Dave

$50: Good luck ladies and hope you sing your hearts out!!! -- Carlos and Desiree Cubeddu

$20: We haven't sang THAT song in our house in a zillion years, but hearing it does the heart good (and makes me want to donate to MFEE!...) Good luck and great cause! -- Becky C.

$25: Hello from James and Madeleine, so glad to see you! -- Elizabeth Gray

$20: Anthony Lebiedzinski

$50: Leila Loring

$25: We appreciate your efforts! -- David Oscar

$200: Hello Everybody! So glad to see you. Break a leg! -- Janis Shoup

$50: Break a leg!!! -- Sheila Phariss

$50: Love you guys! Break legs! -- Susan Darrow

$50: Have a blast! -- Julie Wilska

$25: Your team brings back fond memories. Go make music together! -- Lauren Rosen

$100: Kitty Cullina-Bessey

$50: Good luck!! -- Tracy Crowley

$25: Go team--especially Anne and LeAnne who teach at the Montclair Community Pre-K!

$50 (MATCHED): Good luck! -- Emily Becker 

$50 (MATCHED): Aviva Arad

$80 (MATCHED): Good Luck -- Wendy Parreco Bond

$20 (MATCHED): Montclair Orthodontics

$50 (MATCHED): Way to go Hello Everybody! -- Tara Charkow

$40 (MATCHED): Go Katie! -- Diane Russell

$100 (MATCHED): Best of Luck! Hello Everybody! -- Joan Barrett

$50 (MATCHED): With love and support from the MCPK! -- Carolyn DeVito

$70 (MATCHED): Thank you for Caring -- Ed Conlin

$100 (MATCHED): We love you, Katie! -- Kara Fitzsimmons 

$100 (Matched): Good Luck! -- Ruth Camooso

$200 (MATCHED): Good luck LeAnne and the Hello Everybody Team!! --- Deborah Rushton Campbell

$50 (MATCHED): Go Katie!!! -- Laura Hoffman

$50 (MATCHED): Go Team Hello Everybody! -- Kahane Cooperman

$25: Best of luck Hello Everybody. Thank you for all that you do and special shout out ot Miss anne who was instrumental in nurturing Kyla's love of music! -- Georgette Gilmore




Donate to help Hello Everybody! compete! All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

Please only use numbers and decimals in donation amount

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