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Help Max Mellman Compete in Showdown Montclair!

Max Mellman
Max Mellman

Max Mellman was born and raised in Montclair and came home to share his passion for music with the children at Edgemont! 

He's a member of the SongWorks Educators Association, whose motto is "playful teaching, vibrant learning." Max offers students vibrant learning experiences in the classroom, and he's ready to share his own skills on the stage!

Max is a member of several quartets, but he'll be flying solo for this performance. Get ready for a playful and vibrant performance from Max!


We have raised $1,220.00 of our goal.



Shout Outs to Max Mellman!

$25: Go Mr. Mellman! -- Kathleen Hogan

$25: Go Max! -- Sara Santora

$30: Go Edgemont! -- Oscar Jamail

$25: Break a leg! -- Walt Counsell

$25: We appreciate your efforts! -- David Oscar

$100: Jon Houghton

$25: Show them how it’s done, Max! -- Sarah Spagnola Young

$50: Go Mr Mellman...You rock! -- Cole Carter

$25: Good Luck, Mr. Mellman! -- Mimi Scherfen-Brown

$50: Make us proud Mr. Mellman!! -- Cheryl Hopper

$30: Good luck Mr. Mellman!! -- Abby and Olivia

$30: Max, you make music happen! Rock it! -- Angelique Kenney

$25: The stage is your oyster! -- Milo & Keenan

$50: Good luck, Mr. Mellman!!! -- Madeline Z and family

$25: Good luck Mr. Mellman!-- Connor and family

$75: Go Max!! -- Kelly and Joe McDonald

$20: Good luck! -- Jessica de Koninck

$40 (MATCHED): You’ve got our full support, Mr. Mellman! -- Isis Noad

$40 (MATCHED): For the best music teacher around!  -- Isabella & Nico

$100 (MATCHED): You ROCK Mr. Mellman! -- Story Walker

$70 (MATCHED): GOOD LUCK MR.MELLMAN! -- Parker Robinson

$20 (MATCHED): Montclair Orthodontics

$40 (MATCHED): Go Mr. Mellman! -- Brian Fleischer

$50 (MATCHED): Break a leg Max! -- Ana Simon

$100 (MATCHED): You rock! -- Laura Draghici

$50 (MATCHED): You are the best music teacher! -- Batsheva




Donate to help Max Mellman compete! All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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