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Help Pink Panthers Compete in The Amazing FundRACER!

The other racers don’t stand a chance against this dynamic duo! They’re ready to put their super sleuthing skills - and their unique fashion flair - to the test to bring victory home to Montclair High!  

Paige Lacey and Fiona Campbell, both MHS juniors will outwit - or just outrun - the competition. As a track and soccer star, Paige may run faster than most people can bike. And with Fiona’s field hockey prowess, the other racers will want to steer clear of this girl if there’s a stick involved in any challenge. 

Help the Pink Panthers find their way to the starting line! Donate today!

Help Pink Panthers raise the minimum of $500 to compete! For every additional $125 that they raise, they’ll get a LegUP -- a special coin that buys a clue, an advantage, or an opportunity to gently sabotage another team in the race.  While teams can’t buy their way to victory, a few LegUPs can give teams a nice boost!

We have raised $945.00 of our $500.00  goal.



Shout Outs For Pink Panthers!

"Go Paige and Fiona! You are both outstanding!" ~ Noah Gale, $50

"We’re rooting for you in São Paulo! Best of luck Paige and Fiona!!" ~ Maria Inês Lacey, $30

"Go get ‘em!!" ~ The McClays, $30

"No doubt that you are both winners!" ~ Team Lacey, $100

"Let's go!" ~ Andrew Lacey, $100 (MATCHED)

"Best of luck Paige & Fiona!" ~ Vicky Wilks, $100 (MATCHED)

"GOOD LUCK!!" ~ Susan Sonneborn, $10

Sashy Bogdanovich, $50

"Good luck!!!" ~ Jennifer Caldarella, $25

Jennifer Caldarella, $100 (MATCHED)

"Go Pink Panthers!" ~ Emily Grand, $150

"You got this!!" ~ Lucas Platt, $100



Donate to help Pink Panthers compete! All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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