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Help The Greatest Gales: The Sequel Compete in The Amazing FundRACER!

Noah Gale and his aunt Maddi competed in the MFEE Amazing FundRACER: The Sequel two years ago and they had such an outstanding and phenomenal time that they decided to compete again!

Noah graduated Montclair High School last June and is currently on his gap year volunteering at Edgemont School with kindergarteners and 2nd Graders. Next year, Noah will go to Montclair State University where he will major in Early Childhood Education and his dream is to be a Kindergarten teacher in the Montclair Public School district one day.

Maddi is excited to compete in The MFEE Amazing FundRacer 3.0 with her nephew Noah! 

Help The Greatest Gales: the Sequel raise the minimum of $500 to compete! For every additional $125 that they raise, they’ll get a LegUP -- a special coin that buys a clue, an advantage, or an opportunity to gently sabotage another team in the race.  While teams can’t buy their way to victory, a few LegUPs can give teams a nice boost!


We have raised $1,600.00 of our $500.00  goal.



Shout Outs For The Greatest Gales: The Sequel

Tom Rose, $50

"Love you!" ~ Steven Rosenblatt, $100

"All Hail the Gales!" ~ Melissa Schaffer, $36

"Here we go! We can do it! ~ Madeline Gale, $20

"Love you guys! Go be awesome!!!!" ~ Lori Greenlief, $50

"Go Gales!!! love, Lisa, Ben, Max, Sam and Jude" ~ Lisa Lippman, $72

Kendra A. Johnson, $25

"Go!!! Go!!! Go!!! Proud of both of you. ❤❤❤" ~ Reubena Spence, $25

"Go Gales!!" ~ Julia Kinstlinger, $75

"Good Luck" ~ Jamie Barnett, $50

"Go Maddi and Noah! Debbie and Dody support your efforts!" ~ Debra Taylor, $25

"Dylan, Caz, Jules & Lily will help with training!!" ~ Debra Cohen, $50

"For Noah Gale" ~ Candi Carter, $25

"Go Noah and Maddi! Good luck from all of us!" ~ Richard Lobovsky, $50

"Gales go for it!! You rock!" ~ Barbara Martoglio, $100

"Wouldn't be a Fundracer without your team!" ~ Christina Axelrod, $25

"You're both awesome!" ~ Wendy Lacey, $50

"Go Gales!!!!!" ~ Sylvia Cohn, $50

"Go Gale’s! We love you!" ~ Felicia & David, $72

"Go Noah and Maddi! You both are an inspiration!!!" ~ The Carmichael Family, $50

"Go Gales ~ Madeline and Noah! Wishing you both all the best to having a fun and victorious sequel!" ~ Deborah Rowett, $25

"One of my favorite teams!" Wendy Lacey, $30

"You are the best Mr.Gale! Thank you for helping at Edgemont this year, we loved having you and think you will be an amazing kindergarten teacher! Thank you for racing! We are cheering for you!  ~ Aria from Ms. Dharsi's class, $25

"We love you Noah and Maddi! You have the greatest hearts!" ~ Adam Gale, $200 (MATCHED)

"Good luck, fabulous Gales!!!" ~ Jodi Horton, $20 (MATCHED)

"I love you Noah and Maddi! Good luck!" ~ Liz Kinstlinger, $200 (MATCHED)

Patti Safian, $50





Donate to help The Greatest Gales: The Sequel compete! All proceeds support the Montclair Public Schools.

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