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The MFEE Amazing FundRACER just got even more AMAZING - with an opportunity for your school to win the biggest prize: a $2,000 award for the highest participation in the FundRACER on Sunday, September 15th.

Thanks to a generous Energizing Engagement Sponsorship from Montclair State University, MFEE will award this prize to the school with the most participation points. And as a BONUS, MSU will offer a customized field trip to students in the highest grade. Here’s how you earn the points:

  • 1 point for each person from the school who volunteers (kids count, too!)
  • 1 point for each dollar raised by the school community through donations to the Teams.
  • 500 points for each person from the school who FundRACES

This town-wide adventure engages thousands as racers, volunteers, donors, and after-party attendees. We’d like to directly reward our schools for their support!

So, jump into the adventure. We promise you’ll have a blast while raising critical funds for your school!