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Tips and Tools for Hosting an Outdoor Toast

MFEE Toasts to the Teachers take on even greater significance after these last two years.  Students can have a chance to reconnect with classmates, and families can see the bottom half of those other families they “met” on Zooms, all while honoring the hard work and dedication of our teachers and staff.


Where should I host an outdoor Toast?

1) Outside of a School

Rent an ice cream truck to pull up when school gets out and throw an all-school Toast to the Teachers. Make sure to discuss it with your school's principal first!

2) Your Home

Have enough space or a big backyard? Then your home is a great location to host a Toast.

3) A Park

A park is great for all ages because it can host a large group! Here is how to reserve a park:  In order to host a Toast in a Montclair Township park, the host must get a permit and pay a small fee. Visit the Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs website, or call at 973-509-4915 for more info and rules. To host a Toast at an Essex County park (Anderson, Glenfield, and Brookdale) the fee is more ($110). See Registration Form.




What could an outdoor Toast look like?

  • Playground meet up with a visit from an ice cream truck
  • Afternoon outdoor painting class or craft project 
  • Outdoor afternoon/evening picnic with a visit from a food truck 
  • Adults-only evening party 
  • Afternoon class hike at Eagle Rock or Mills: hosts organize and supply families with snacks and water.
  • Weekend morning “gym” class for kids with an instructor from a local gym or jiu jitsu studio; coffee for the parents. 
  • Afternoon outdoor tie-dye party with a class to create a wearable memory
  • Adults-only flower arranging class with a local florist or Learn to Knit class with Yarnia