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Board & Staff

Meet Us

  • Masiel Rodriquez-Vars
    Masiel Rodriquez-Vars

    Executive Director

    Masiel is an education junkie. She comes from a family of public school advocates, and she was an elementary public school teacher in the early 90s. She pursued a circuitous path to MFEE - law school, program associate at a family foundation, director of a youth philanthropy program, amateur filmmaker, and nonprofit consultant with organizations serving vulnerable youth.

    She never lost her curiosity about quality teaching, and she is having the time of her life observing and supporting the excellent teaching that occurs in Montclair Public Schools (MPS).

    As mom to four MPS students, she is deeply grateful that her circuitous path led her to Montclair.

  • Georgette Gilmore
    Georgette Gilmore

    Communications Director/Program Coordinator

    Georgette Gilmore knew she wanted to work in education ever since she experienced the kindness and inspiration of her kindergarten teacher in the Jersey City Public School district. After graduating from Montclair State University, she went on to have a career in education for nearly 15 years, working with children in preschool through high school, until she started a family. The next chapter in her life was as owner and editor of a parenting website, providing a valuable resource to local parents. For the past 5 years, Georgette was editor, writer, and social media manager for a local news site, where she developed strong communication skills and community connections.

    As a mom to two MPS students, Georgette knows that our schools provide an excellent education. She is excited to join MFEE to support our teachers, students, and public education.

The MFEE Board (L-R: David Oscar, David Caldwell, Joyce Michaelson, Bridget Placek, Jessica Troupe, Sarah Hudson-Plush, Andrew Russell, LeAnne Korbel, Desiree Johnson, John Rogers, Emily Grand, Andrew Lacey, Rochelle Wilson, Kathy Walsh, Greg Foster, Jodi Horton, Kamillah Knight. (Not Pictured: John Wodnick, Matt Russman, and Wil Hylton)


Our Board

Rochelle Wilson (President)

Joyce Michaelson (Founder and Chairperson)

John Wodnick (Vice President)

David Oscar (Treasurer)

Emily Grand (Secretary)

John E. Rogers

Jessica Troupe

Jodi Horton

LeAnne Korbel

Kamillah Knight

Bridget Placek

Andrew Russell

Greg Foster

Kathy Walsh

Andrew Lacey

David Caldwell

Matt Russman

Desiree Johnson

Wil Hylton

Sarah Hudson-Plush

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