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We're back to school  and we know it feels like we are launching into choppy waters yet again.  While the District, our schools, our teachers and our families are more prepared and ready this time around, we all still face many of the same challenges we faced in the spring.   But, with some collective strategizing and coordinated action, we’re confident that together we can build some life rafts to navigate these waters with greater confidence and support.

MFEE is working with local partners to anticipate the most pressing needs of our students and families and activate community resources to address them. We are moving quickly, efficiently, and transparently to serve our schools, students, and families. 

Over two nights on August 25th and 27th, over 200 people participated in MFEE's Remote Learning Community Thinks.  The heart of these "Thinks" were small group discussions on what matters most to our community during remote learning.

Who participated?  What did people have to say?

And how did this shape MFEE's 2020-2021 initiatives?


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