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Join a Watch Group


Can’t lead a Watch Group, but still want to be part of one? Fall Watch Groups will run between October 10 and December 13, 2020. If you would like to join a fall Watch Group, contact us by October 19, 2020, at


How do the Watch Groups work?

You and your group will determine how to watch and discuss the films. You can watch together or independently.  All we ask is that the Watch Groups meet a minimum of 3 times during the 2-month community watch period.

How many people are in a Watch Group? 

Watch Groups are usually 4-10 people, with 1 or 2 Watch Group Leaders.

How are Watch Groups formed?

Watch Group Leaders create groups, or we will match you to an existing group.

How are Watch Group Leaders trained?

Watch Group Leaders participate in facilitated trainings led by Montclair State Professors and anti-racism teaching experts, Bree Picower and Tanya Maloney.  The first two sessions provide racial literacy teachings using the films and other resources. The third session provides facilitation tools to help Watch Group leaders learn to navigate challenging conversations. The fourth provides support to Watch Group Leaders once the viewings have started.

Where do the viewings take place?

Participants watch the films on their own (through free access provided by MFEE) and meet in person or remotely (determined by the group itself) at least three times to discuss them. For example, a participant would watch Episodes 1 - 3 on their own and then debrief those episodes with their group, before moving on to the next three episodes.  

How do I access the documentary series? 

MFEE will provide access to view the documentary series online.