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  • Is your brain throbbing from daily demands, fears, and stress?
  • Do you feel like you’re on your own dealing with today’s challenges?
  • Do you want to learn tools and strategies (in conversation with others, not another webinar) to help you get through the day and days ahead? 
  • Do you need a place to fall apart a little bit and connect with parents and caregivers who get it?  

The pandemic has taken a toll on parents and caregivers.  We worry about our kids, about their futures, about our futures, and we are - simply put - stressed and exhausted.  All. The. Time.  But while we are all feeling isolated, we aren’t going through this by ourselves, and we shouldn’t go through this alone. 

Introducing Healing Huddles:

Huddles are small weekly conversations, lightly guided by parents and caregivers who have been trained by local therapists/parent coaches to provide just-enough structure and support.

  • Free to everyone (through the support of our generous donors)
  • 1-hour conversations (on-line), over a 6-week period, between 5-6 parents and caregivers
  • Every week, in each Huddle, folks can share what they are dealing with, listen to and support each other, and learn tools and strategies to manage challenges. 
  • Community members can opt to join a Huddle based on a  shared affinity or challenge (for example, single parents, parents of BIPOC children, parents of middle schoolers, parents with 2+ children)

Think of it like urgent care for the soul. One hour a week to be in a place where you are heard, understood, and take away something that may help. 

There are still a few spots remaining for the Huddles launching January 2021. To sign up please go to 

We will be opening a new round of Healing Huddles in March 2021. Contact or sign up below to receive emails when the next cycle launches. 

Are you a Conversation Coach?  Use the login information provided by email to access materials and resources.  (Tip: all Coaches have the same username and password.) Problems logging in? Contact