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While school staff have risen to the challenge of educating our 6,700 students remotely, many students will continue struggling to navigate this new landscape. 

Remote learning exacerbates the challenges of student engagement, particularly for those students who are having difficulty in school or who are not already connected to supports, such as community-based tutoring programs. The risk for disengagement is likely to increase if students lack tech-savvy supports at home or are facing other challenges.

Students could also use some social and emotional support with the ups and downs of this challenging time. 

Introducing PEEPs

MFEE PEEPs (Peer-led Educational Engagement Program) is a new initiative to support students who are struggling with distance learning by providing individualized peer support.  Youth connect with their peers in ways that they often cannot with adults.  The primary goal of PEEPs is to spark relationships that will lead to greater school engagement.

Every student in PEEPs is paired with a Montclair High School PEEP Leader, and together they will focus on things like academic support, time management, understanding Google Classroom and other technology, figuring out how to overcome obstacles - and just dealing with the ups and downs of school in general. PEEP Leaders are supported and advised by adult coordinators.

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PEEPs is supported by The Schumann Fund of New Jersey, the Montclair Fund for Women, and private donations!  Your donations help us reach even more students.

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