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Be Courageous

Race. Conversation. Honesty. Action.

In our community, many of us pride ourselves in valuing diversity and promoting racial equity. 

  • But how racially literate are we? 
  • Have we grown complacent about racism in Montclair?  
  • Are our past successes getting in the way of real change to address persistent racial inequality in our town?

Think Montclair is immune from racism? Think again.

Racism is pervasive and insidious. Even in Montclair. It negatively impacts economic prosperity, educational outcomes, and quality of life.  But we can do better. It starts with real talk. That leads to real understanding. That sparks real change.

“It is about having conversations that we know need to happen, but aren’t.”  

- Learning Circle Member, Fall 2020

Join the Montclair Community Learning Circles on Race as a Learning Circle member or facilitator.

Beginning in April 2022, groups of 6-10 community members will meet virtually over the course of 5 weeks, led by a trained community member. Learning Circle members will explore their individual understandings of racism and identify opportunities for personal and community accountability, using the documentary film America to Me, podcasts, and other media as common texts.

How to sustain the momentum

Have you participated in a Watch Group or attend an America to Me event? Sustain your momentum  - we have a list of websites, podcasts, books, videos, and actions for anyone who is beginning the journey of anti-racist work, wants to extend the conversation within their communities, and is eager to explore actions they can take.

Watch the 'America to Me' Trailer